Jul. 21st, 2013

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SO HERE'S THE THING: Pacific Rim has all of the FUCK YEAH PERFECT EXECUTION OF A JOYFUL FUN SUMMER ACTION MOVIE excitement of Iron Man or STXI [all three of which were situations where AS I WAS WATCHING I could already see myself in the distant future relaxing on the couch and popping the DVD in for the billionth time], but on top of that it's also VERY MUCH about things that have dominated my focus for the last two years - NAMELY, FREAKISHLY COMPATIBLE PEOPLE AND/OR PEOPLE WITH MENTAL CONNECTIONS AND/OR PEOPLE WHO LITERALLY SHARE BRAIN SPACE. And all that was combined with an overarching theme of SAVING THE WORLD BY BEATING UP MONSTERS WITH THE SHEER FORCE OF YOUR LOVE, and on top of THAT the movie takes place in a world that I'm dying to see more of and to know more about, basically guaranteeing that I will never run out of ways to freak out about this gd movie and all the people in it.

IT'S THE COMPLETE PACKAGE. IT'S EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED. I'M NOT EVEN GONNA TRY TO TALK ABOUT IT COMPREHENSIVELY BECAUSE TO PRETEND LIKE I CAN EVEN BEGIN TO COVER IT ALL IS INSULTING TO ITS SIZE. What I'm saying is that if you don't care about Pacific Rim, I hope you know how to tag filter, because I'm just going to be screaming about it as the urge strikes me.

to fight monsters we created SOULMATES )


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