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0. IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME, I haven't been around as much! However much someone can NOT BE AROUND while still tweeting a hundred times a day, whatever. Full sentences are hard.

1. SCHOOL STARTED. I'm...an idiot, basically, and someone missed the first meetings of two of my three classes? THE THIRD CLASS IS ONLINE. IT'S NOT AN ACHIEVEMENT THAT I DIDN'T MISS IT BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING TO MISS. GOOD WORK, SELF. For some reason I thought my Public Speaking class met on Thursdays, not Tuesdays, and I didn't realize my mistake until Wednesday night. NO PROBLEM, THOUGH, bc I just switched into a section that ACTUALLY met on Thursdays and pretended like nothing ever happened. And I like my section! So that's good!

I have no idea how I missed my first Bio/Anatomy&Physiology session, though. All week I was like "A&P, 9AM Saturday for FIVE GODDAMN HOURS!" and then at some point between leaving work on Friday and like...10:30 on Saturday morning it just COMPLETELY LEFT MY MIND. I saw Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco on Friday night SO I GUESS IT WAS THAT? Because I woke up at like 7:30 on Saturday morning all "BACK TO SLEEP, NOWHERE TO BE" and then I woke up again three hours later all "aaaaaaaand I was supposed to be in class an hour and a half ago."

THIS HAS HAD FAR-REACHING EFFECTS, most notably in the registration clusterfuck that occurred when my professor dropped me from the class AFTER I had a "hey, I'm so sorry I missed last week, do you need me to do anything to make it up?" conversation with her where she told me I was fine. THAT IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. I say "is" because after fixing things on Saturday and getting re-added to the class, I AM SOMEHOW, ONCE AGAIN, NOT REGISTERED FOR A&P. OKAY. AWESOME. PERFECT. FUCK EVERYTHING. FUCK COMMUNITY COLLEGE. FUCK EVERYONE. [It's supposedly fixed again! But the only reason I even checked on it today was to see if my accounts had settled, because depending on what you check, I either owe the school $700, am owed a $250 refund, and/or have a $400 book advance on my account. NONE OF THOSE THINGS SHOULD BE TRUE. GOD KNOWS HOW THIS WILL SHAKE OUT.]

2. Anyway apart from A&P being a neverending registration clusterfuck, I ALSO think the people I share a lab table with have written me off as a mess? LBR, I'm not at my best at 9AM, and I missed the first week, so the second week I didn't have the homework and had to sit there silently while we went over it in groups, and then there was a MINOR COFFEE SPILLING INCIDENT, and long story short for Week 3 I PUT A LOT OF EFFORT into being more together and having all the work done and the bitches at my lab table still TOTALLY SHUNNED ME so now I'm insane over it. DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Anyway, I was never not going to have the best grade in the class, but now I am aggressively pursuing a perfect grade so I can shove it in everyone's faces, I am the one who knocks, etc etc.

3. BREAKING BAD! BREAKING BAD! BREAKING BAD! I'm not getting too much into last night's episode because I'm trying to turn my brain off as the finale approaches [GET YOUR THINK PIECES OUT OF MY FACE], but I will say that WALTER WHITE HAVING TO PAY A DUDE TEN GRAND TO HANG OUT WITH HIM FOR AN HOUR IS THE MOST SATISFYING THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED TO ME. I WAS POSITIVELY GIDDY.

4. So I don't watch the Emmys, I just refresh Wikipedia every hour and then laugh and laugh and laugh, but last night's seems like it was probably a shittier-than-usual way to spend three hours! Jeff Daniels! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

5. ALL THE PILOTS is fully underway and (so far) running on schedule, although tonight - two and a half hours of pilots, plus Sleepy Hollow, and I'm not sure I'll be watching any of them live - should be a bit of a challenge. SO FAR, THOUGH:

ALL THE PILOTS: Dads / Brooklyn Nine-Nine (DON'T WATCH DADS, probably watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, comedies are tricky, who can tell this early)